Campaign Fund for the YEM UK
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Campaign Fund for the Young European Movement UK
GOAL: £6,500.00
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We are a membership-based organisation, meaning that we are made up entirely of people just like you:

No dodgy funding, no conflicts of interest, and no questionable links to the Kremlin.

With no government funding, we rely on people like you to support our campaigns and to help us spread our message. As well as volunteers' time, we also need funds, and we appreciate every single donation we receive.

If you share our values, support our campaigns, and believe in the European idea, please give what you can to help us to keep flying the flag.


Where does my money go?

Unlike many youth organisations, the YEM UK does not receive government funding. For this reason, we rely on our members and donors.

We do not have paid staff and are run by volunteers, so your donation will be re-invested in our members and our activities.

We are always in need of funds to cover printing costs of our publications, venue hire for our events, means-tested travel subsidies for YEM members travelling to events, branded merchandise for our campaigns, and much, much more.

Your donation will be used by us to promote our values and activities, and ensure that all of those who wish to participate have a fair chance of doing so, regardless of their economic circumstances.


What if I want to donate something else?

Time: Time is valuable, and we appreciate every second our volunteers give to us. If you would like to get more involved, become a member at

Services: If you have skills, a business, or a venue which could be of use to us and which you are willing to donate, we would love to hear from you! We are always on the lookout for venues, caterers, printers, etc., so if you would like to help us, email

Legacies: The Young European Movement UK has a proud history of being supported by some of the greatest pro-Europeans the world has ever seen. Why not leave your mark by adding the YEM to your will? Email to find out more.

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