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Young European Movement UK and its local branches need your support! As Britain continues its vigorous national debate on how it should relate to the rest of Europe, YEM has a key role to play. We want to stop Brexit. But what's more, we also want to build up European identity in the UK, as we recognise that a citizenry that feels European will want their country to be a part of the EU. We want to build a foundation for a mature debate on Europe in the UK for beyond this autumn, no matter what happens with Brexit.

Europe will remain the biggest question in Britain's political debate far into the future, well beyond this autumn. YEM has been there since before Britain first joined EEC, and will continue to be there. And Britain will need us.

What will we fund?

The donations given into this fundraiser will be spent on YEM's upcoming initiatives and activities. Unlike many of its sister organisations across Europe, YEM is not a recipient of government funding. For this reason, donations are key to us. Below you may find a list of projects and items to spend on:

£250: Merchandise. Replenishing local branches' stocks of leaflets and other essentials.

£250: Social media promotion budget. On Facebook in particular, we go viral organically every now and then - remember those 1,600 shares on the Berlin Wall picture? But boosting can get vital publicity for posts such as updates about upcoming events, or posts that we would like to reach people beyond the Remain bubble. Good for targeted promotion for voter registration in local elections!

£1,500: Freshers' Fairs in autumn 2018. This is YEM's recruitment opportunity! We hold stalls across the UK in September and October, and sending supplies such as leaflets, roller banners and freebies to our local activists takes resources.

£3,000: Funding a reward system for local branches. "How to get young people engaged", everyone asks. Having a contact point in a town is not enough, but you need to give them incentives. This kind of a reward system has been tried and tested in our Finnish sister organisation, and it's time for the UK to learn from the best. After certain milestones, YEM UK will give a reward to the local branch, to be spent on further events and recruitment. Rewards apply to freshers' welcome events, other events with good turnouts, mentions of the YEM branch in local media, successes in accumulating a social media following, and any special achievements.

£1,000: Project fund for local branches. Our branches do great things, like Marches for Europe and twinnings with our friends from the continent. Off the project fund, we can give our branches the support they need - be it supplies, travel subsidies or something else!

£500: YEM Annual General Meeting 2018. Venue booking, promotion and refreshments for the AGM. The board that will lead Britain’s young generation to a more European future will be elected here, and we will invite guest speakers!

For a stretch target, we can increase the budget of the reward system for branches, and the project fund. We can never give too much support to our emerging and established branches!

Learn more

You can find YEM's website at If you have any questions, or if you would like to get engaged, feel free to message our President Juuso at Thank you for your support!

P.S. Are you a member yet? Membership is open for everyone under age 35! Join us here: